Loyality Reward Scheme at WARLORD-WORKSHOP.co.uk

Warlord-Workshop.co.uk Rewards Policy

Reward Point feature allows customers to earn amount of money from some certain actions, such as purchase, subscription and so on. It seems to be extremely simple for you to receive rewards in the form of “points” which are converted to money to buy our products and services

How it works?

It is very easy to begin earning money with our Reward Point; you can take one or some activities including: registration, purchase, review and subscription. Each action is rewarded according to the following table:

Money is being rewarded according to the following table:

 Spend each £2  1
 Register at WARLORD-WORKSHOP.co.uk  1
 Subscribe to WARLORD-WORKSHOP newsletter  2
 Write review for our product  2
TAG a product  1
Register an Account  2
  • Each activity mentioned above adds reward point to your balance: one point is equivalent to £0.01
  • It should be noted that the reward points are not valid cash-back. Instead of that, you can use your reward points to purchase our other products or services.
  • You can check your reward point balance by visiting Account Balance page on the left of My Account page.
  • With this feature, you can increase the number of points for a long time. Moreover, the duration of reward balance is lifetime so you can make sure that your discount is always available to be fully exploited

These points are assigned and avaliable for all online orders, unfortunitly we cannot provide or redeem points for phone orders or in store orders.