Age of Sigmar: The Long Hunt (ENGLISH) 80-52

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Discover the Next Chapter in the Twin-Tailed Crusade - The Long Hunt!

As the Twin-Tailed Crusade continues its journey across the realms, it faces mounting challenges from various quarters. The Aqshian expedition, fleeing the ruins of Trucebreak, finds itself surrounded on all sides. The fierce Goretide warriors of Khorne have returned to the Great Parch, blocking the Dawnbringers' escape route. In the verdant forests of Ghyran, marauding ogors wreak havoc, and ominous pits threaten Marshal Thorian's forces. Yet, these troubles may just be the beginning, as a new, even more menacing threat looms on the horizon.

"The Long Hunt" is the third installment of the gripping Dawnbringers series, an epic collection of books that advances the narrative of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Within its pages, you'll delve into rich background stories, detailing the ongoing trials and tribulations of the Twin-Tailed Crusade and its valiant mortal champions. You'll also find rules and background information for new heroes and allies, including characters like Neave Blacktalon and her warband, Belthanos, First Thorn of Kurnoth, and Ionus Cryptborn, Warden of Lost Souls. The book also includes a Path to Glory Battlepack, warscrolls for Gorger Mawpacks and Mawpit faction terrain pieces, and rules for employing four renowned armies in your Warhammer Age of Sigmar games.

Inside this 96-page hardback book, you'll discover:

  • A thrilling narrative that chronicles the perilous journey of the Twin-Tailed Crusade, featuring battleplans that allow you to reenact pivotal moments from the story on your tabletop.
  • Rules for Ionus Cryptborn, Warden of Lost Souls, Belthanos, First Thorn of Kurnoth, and the Blacktalons.
  • Warscrolls for using Gorger Mawpacks and Mawpit faction terrain pieces with Ogor Mawtribes armies, as well as rules for incorporating Vulkyn Flameseekers with Fyreslayers armies.
  • A Path to Glory battlepack, where you can lead either the Aqshian or the Ghyranite factions of the Twin-Tailed Crusade.
  • Rules for four distinctive armies of renown: Draconith Skywing, the Evergreen Hunt, Lofnir Drothkeepers, and the Roving Maw.

This expansion includes a one-time code to add the book to your digital library in Warhammer Age of Sigmar: The App. This digital resource contains all the warscrolls for the armies of renown featured in this book, making it a valuable addition to your collection. Dive into the action and lead your crusade to victory with "The Long Hunt"!

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