Legions Imperialis: Kratos Heavy Tank Squadron 03-05

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Introducing Games Workshop's Dominator Heavy Tank Squadron - A Formidable Force for Your Armies!

Inspired by an ancient Terran pattern, the Dominator Heavy Assault Tank has a storied history dating back to the Unification of Old Earth. Redesigned post the Emperor's accord with the Lords of Mars, this tank became the spearhead of the Great Crusade, excelling as a line-breaker and a formidable foe hammer. Unleash their relentless advance as the core of your Legiones Astartes assault, bolstered by an onslaught of overwhelming firepower.

Crafted from a multipart plastic kit, this set allows you to construct four awe-inspiring Legiones Astartes Dominator tanks. These heavily armored vehicles are armed to the teeth, offering a choice of turret weapons – the versatile Dominator battlecannon or the close-range melta blastgun – coupled with a co-axial autocannon. Additionally, they feature a pair of hull-mounted guns, allowing you to opt for autocannons, heavy bolters, or lascannons, and a pair of sponson-mounted heavy bolters or lascannons. To further customize your squadron, cosmetic build options include dozer blades and various turret features like gunners, spotters, or closed hatches. Remarkably, the turret allows glueless assembly, enabling mid-battle adjustments to each tank's aim.

This set includes:

  • 4x Dominator Heavy Tanks, equipped with the following options: – 1x turret-mounted Dominator battlecannon – 1x turret-mounted melta blastgun – 2x hull-mounted autocannons – 2x hull-mounted heavy bolters – 2x hull-mounted lascannons – 2x sponson-mounted heavy bolters – 2x sponson-mounted lascannons
  • 1x Legiones Astartes Legion Vehicle Transfer Sheet

Comprising 132 plastic components and a transfer sheet, these miniatures come unpainted and require assembly. For the best results, we recommend using Citadel Plastic Glue and Citadel Colour paints. Elevate your armies with the Dominator Heavy Tank Squadron and conquer the battlefield in style!

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